Drama Serial: Dekha Ek Khwaab Episode 84 – Watch Now

Drama Serial: Dekha Ek Khwaab Episode 84 – Watch Now

Star Cast
Priyal Gor
Role:Muniya/Rajkumari Manyata
Muniya is a happy, spunky girl. She has been brought up by her father, Murari Lal. Being a watchman, Murari cant really give her luxuries but he has given her the thought, that she can get anything she wants. He has conditioned her to believe that she is better than her current situation. That she is more beautiful more intelligent, more graceful and more deserving . This has made Muniya a confident person, she is not arrogant or rude, but she does have a slightly superior view and it makes her a natural leader. She is friendly, with a skill of making friends quickly, since all her life she has moved to new places and has learnt to adapt.

Abhishek Rawat
Role:Akash Verma
A self made man and has dreams to become big one day. Accordingly, he starts his journey and one day he gets what he wants. He stays in a chawl but is very ambitious and with his hard work he gets successful. Therefore with his hard work, he owns a flat and works at a shopping mall.

Ashish Kapoor
Role:Yuvraj Udayveer
He is playing the role of a tall ,dark ,handsome Prince whose only mission in life is to become the Yuvraj of Jaigarh Estate and marry his childhood sweetheart princess Manyata .He believes in achieving his dreams with his power and strength . His Royal Prestige and Honour matters the most for him and he can go to any extremes to emerge victorious in his mission .
Aroona Irani
Role:Rajmata Mrinalini Devi

Shahbaz Khan
Role:Maharaj Brijraj Singh
His Highness Maharaj Brijraj Singh is extremely impressive at first meeting. He is well spoken, beautifully dressed and with impeccable manners. He is all that you would imagine a royal to be. He comes from a very ancient Chandravanshi lineage. An Oxford alumnus, Brijraj has been given the kind of upbringing that every Royal can imagine, He also has a sense of entitlement, the sense that he is, a king and that the rest are his subjects. Born to an illustrious mother, he understands the meaning of being in limelight, he too, is extremely aware of his social skills.

Shritama Mukherjee
Role:Rajkumari Jaynandini
She is playing the rich ,beautiful and arrogent princess and younger daughter of Maharaj Brijraj Singh who believes that she can win anything in life with her wealth and power .

Mark Farokh Parakh
Role:Vijayendra Singh.

Rajesh Jais
Role:Murari Lal

Falaq Naaz
Aryans Girlfriend

Anita Kulkarni
Role:Komal Devi
An only child, a princess, and later a queen, her royal duties define Komal. Brought up by a large number of nannies and servants, Komal wanted to raise her own child as a hands-on mother. Her marriage to Brijraj was a strategic alliance, and really she felt lucky, he was handsome, well spoken and a good match for someone like her. She just blended completely into his lifestyle, and his family. Her mother-in-law was a formidable person, with so much personality, that it did not allow for other personalities to stand out around her? and Komal was happy to do so. The trauma of losing her child sent Komal into shock she became emotionless, like a dead person walking. She has just existed ever since.

Ankita Bhargava
She is playing a simple ,beautiful ,down-to-earth nature innocent Princess and younger sister of Prince Udayveer who believes is spreading positivity all over and is also the best friend of Moniya .
Kunal Bakshi Kunal Bakshi

Aryan’s friend

Kuldeep Mallik
Role:Doctor Saab

Sujata Segal
Role:Mainka Singh

Amit Behl
Role:Maharaja Giriraj