Drama Serial: Aapki Antara Episode 40 – Watch Now

Drama Serial: Aapki Antara Episode 40 – Watch Now

Star Cast
Zaynah Vastani
Antara (played by Zynah) is a sweet and innocent little girl who suffers from autism. Unlike other children of her age, Antara doesn’t have any friends. In fact, she even finds it difficult to bond with her family. Still, Antara observes the world very closely and her outlook is very different from others.

Aaina Mehta

Prabhleen Sandhu
Role:Vidya Verma
Vidya (Prabhleen Sandhu) is Aditya’s wife and Abhishek’s mother. Marriage to Aditya meant, leaving behind a life of luxury and wealth. However, Vidya leads a contented life. An extremely patient person by nature, Vidya had problems accepting Antara but the young child’s innocence won her over.

Darshan Pandya
Role:Aditya Verma
Antara’s father, Aditya Verma (Darshan Pandya) is a banker by profession. Highly principled, Aditya refuses any compromise with his ideals. Aditya is married to Vidya and the couple has a son, Abhishek. Aditya’s life faced the biggest problem when Anuradha, his former lover, died and he learned about the existence of a daughter named Antara. Though it took him time to acknowledge Antara’s existence, he realized his responsibility and made Antara a part of his family.

Neetu Sing
Role:Dr. Neetu

Rupali Ganguly
Anuradha is Antara’s mother, she died in a car accident

Aarav Velhal
Role:Billu Gupta

Raj Simaria

Sujata Kumar
Role:Anatara’s grandmother